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Updated Rules and Information

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Tue at 2:47
Hello Eaveecraft,
Below is a link to the updated rules, and information. Any questions please address them to myself privately.

Updated Information

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Sep 10, 14
Hello Eaveecraft.
It has been a while since I have updated you all on a couple of things.
First of all, please welcome back to staff Smuushie. She will return as a moderator.
If you haven't already, please follow our creator on twitch @ http://www.twitch.tv/lovindatacos
He streams daily, other than Sundays and special events. Supporting him, supports the server.
I will be reopening the staff applications. I am looking for a few more Helpers to join the ranks. Please ensure you follow the criteria before applying. If you do not meet all of the criteria, you may be denied without reasoning. Please keep in mind that the applications may not be answered within the first few hours. I need to gather imput from the other staff members before considering, so please give me time to respond. You can apply here: http://eaveecraft.com/apply
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can private message me on the forums or ingame.

Server updates

[STF] LovinDaTacos aAdmin posted Aug 10, 14
The eaveecraft modpack has been updated.  Some mods have been updated and openperipherals has been readded.

The Agrarian Skies server has also been updated to
truextacy4u Where Can I find the changes that have taken place for Argrarian Skies?
lugnutjames omfg so happy

No Longer Hiring

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Jul 12, 14
Hello Eaveecraft,
Only 24 hours ago did I open up the application process to look for a few new staff members to add to the ranks. Congratulations to our new staff members.
As well, a congratulations to our new Moderator:
You'll all do great!
This does not mean that I will not hire any more staff members. I am leaving the application process open, and will still continue to review them, and post my comments or concerns. But hired staff will be few, and far between as I am looking for the players that stand out above the rest.
Any questions please address them to myself.
Luna/ satkins047 Mod+1 what about me j20 ...


[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Jul 11, 14
Hello Eaveecraft!

I would just like to take a moment to congratulate our dear creator LovinDaTacos on his twitch partnership. You deserve it buddy! Your awesome and we all love you here! Knock 'Em dead!

Your Eaveecraft Staff Team!

We're Hiring!

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Jul 11, 14
Hello Eaveecraft!
As some of you may already be aware, over the past week I have introduced two ne helpers to the ranks. Congratulations to:
I am still looking for one or more helpers to join the ranks and help us grow. Here are a few of the minimum requirements.
- Must be at least 14 years of age
- Must have played on our servers for a minimum of 2 weeks and be relatively active
- Must not have a negative record on our servers (mutes/ bans/ tempbans) for at least 30 days
- Must be able to commit to playing a minimum of 15 hours per week (when in the week is up to you)
- Must be fluent in English (both spoken and written)
Please keep in mind that your application may be denied without reasoning. If accepted you will hear from me ingame.
If you have recently made an application, or been recently denied, don't go make another until you can prove yourself or meet and requirements outlined in the comment section by me. If you still do you will be denied without reasoning.
Your application may not be denied or accepted within the first few days, as I am looking for the players that can meet the most requirements.
Any questions feel free to ask me.
Good luck to everyone. Keep your eye on the forums for further information.
X_Mr_Ginge_X Helper its still hasn't been reset ...
Major updates are coming to Eaveecraft today.  Modpack updates, server additions and much more.

Altroot thumbs up. =D

Recent Happenings

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Jun 24, 14
Hello Eaveecraft.
As some of you may be aware, Yepidoodles, our latest HeadMod has resigned. Currently we do not have a relief member. I am taking the initive and stepping up in the mean time. Please feel free to contact me with any issues or problems you may have asked Yepidoodles and I will do my best assist you.
Best Wishes
barbarian684 yepi did you just resign from being head mod or did you resign from the server entirely
Yellow_Cloud +1 Oh wow well good luck yepi!
Lord_Met x didn't you say you where coming back? and then never came back J2?
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