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Now Hiring!!

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Jan 7, 15
Hello Eaveecraft!

Its the time of year when people are done with their Holidays, and are back to playing Minecraft. As such, I will be looking for a few new Helpers to join the ranks. Please be mindful of all the criteria before you apply. You must meet any, and all criteria to be considered for staff. If you do not meet all of the criteria, your application may be denied with to explaination. It may be a few days before you hear a reply back on your application, this gives me time to look at all the candidates and pick the best for the position.

You can apply by clicking the "Apply for Staff" header above.

Good Luck,


Java Issues

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Dec 24, 14
Hello Eaveecraft.

Some people have been having issues with crashing upon launch of the Eaveecraft modpack. Here is a link to a thread where you can get some information on how to fix this issue. Hope this helps!


From all the staff here at Eaveecraft. Have a Merry Christmas.


Altroot What I dont understand is you don'tneed 1.8 java to play 1.8 vanilla. Anyway cheers j20.
HM_Silverbane +1 thanks for this J20751, its definately needed (i keep loosing the page at the technic launcher to point people at, which ...

Revoking the Machine Limit

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Nov 17, 14
Hello Eaveecraft,

I have been keeping my eye on how the server has been running after the restart. I have made the decision to revoke the 10 machines per chunk limit. Please keep in mind, that even though the limit is revoked, it doesnt mean you can go crazy with packing machines into 1 chunk. If one of your machines, or chunks are causing problems, you may be contacted to either spread out, or disassemble. If you are unavailable, the problematic machines may be destroyed. This is at mine, and moderators discretion.

Thanks for the understanding;


Recent Map Wipe

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Nov 1, 14
Hello Eaveecraft!

Due to some issues with the server, and given it has been a long time since the last one. Tacos and I have made the decision to wipe the map. This means that both the server will run better, but it will give a new start to those that were getting bored because they ran out of stuff to do. For now, we have stuck with the same mods, but there may be changes in the future to that.

Donators will be getting their points reissued to them, just file a modreq and one of the moderators will get to that. Any extra perms that you have purchase with points will not move on to the new map, you must purchase them again.

Any issues, please file a modreq, or enclose them in a private email addressed to myself, and we will get to it as soon as we can.

Good luck, may the best business win.


Because of an issue that happened tonight I am introducing a limit to how many machines you can have in a chunk. This will both keep crashes, and problems down, but mostly keep the server running optimal. This limit is as follows.
10 machines max per chunk.
I am currently working on a document that will detail how many specific machines are allowed in a chunk, but as most of you know, there are lost of machines so it may take a while. For now this will be the limit in place. Transfer nodes, and pipes have been causing lag problems. In order to keep them unbanned, please limit their use to small jobs, and not huge amounts doing 1 job. (for example, using 5 power taps on a reactor, with power nodes powering 50 machines constantly running). This will cause Opis (How we track what's lagging the server) to scream. If at any time, there is a problem with them on opis they may be removed without warning.
There will be a grace period surrounding this limit, where players will be warned their machines exceed the maximum amount. You will only be bugged if they cause problems.
If anymore issues arise that cannot be easily fixed, we will have to resort to banning those items. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Updated Rules and Information

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Sep 16, 14
Hello Eaveecraft,
Below is a link to the updated rules, and information. Any questions please address them to myself privately.

Updated Information

[STF] J20751 aAdminHm+1 posted Sep 10, 14
Hello Eaveecraft.
It has been a while since I have updated you all on a couple of things.
First of all, please welcome back to staff Smuushie. She will return as a moderator.
If you haven't already, please follow our creator on twitch @ http://www.twitch.tv/lovindatacos
He streams daily, other than Sundays and special events. Supporting him, supports the server.
I will be reopening the staff applications. I am looking for a few more Helpers to join the ranks. Please ensure you follow the criteria before applying. If you do not meet all of the criteria, you may be denied without reasoning. Please keep in mind that the applications may not be answered within the first few hours. I need to gather imput from the other staff members before considering, so please give me time to respond. You can apply here: http://eaveecraft.com/apply
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can private message me on the forums or ingame.

Server updates

[STF] LovinDaTacos aAdmin posted Aug 10, 14
The eaveecraft modpack has been updated.  Some mods have been updated and openperipherals has been readded.

The Agrarian Skies server has also been updated to
truextacy4u Where Can I find the changes that have taken place for Argrarian Skies?
lugnutjames omfg so happy
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